Saturday, June 26, 2010

Perfume Bottles - Old and New

These bottles are so beautiful.  The green and pale pink ones belonged to my aunty. She had them in her bathroom, I always loved them.

I have been on the look out for black ones and have about six. They are sleek, matte black china.

I would love to have a bigger space suitable to display them

They seem very old world.
The picture to the left is some of my crystal dressing-table glass.

There is a black set there too.  I have an amber, blue and pink glass sets too.

Glassware Galore - Colour the Key (2)

As I have previously shown, I have a lot of glasses.

When collecting glassware, I have looked for coloured glasses.

My green, brown and blue glass collections are largest.

The set at the back has a range of different size  stemmed glasses. Those at the front are frosted and quite small.

This photo to the right is a little hard to look at since my cabinet has a mirrored back.

I have a number of amber glass jugs too.  The glasses on the right with the red frosted base are particularly nice.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Plates-Practical and Pretty. You can never have too many plates. [3]

These two display plates are Westminster china, an Australian brand.

Not sure what era they are and I don't know if Westminster china is till being produced.

I am always on the look out for this brand. Pretty rare nowadays at markets.

I have a lot of Westminster china. From bowls to ash trays and any number of different designs.

I'll will do a Westminster china post in the future.

Plates-Practical and Pretty. You can never have too many plates. [4]

Diana Ware - fabulous Australian pottery.

This beautiful plate is labeled "Guaranteed Ovenware".

I just love the bright red prawns and the scalloped edge.

I gave a set of plates like this to my daughter.

I think she understands how nifty they are ...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Plates-Practical and Pretty. You can never have too many plates. [2]

This set are all Noritake.

Once, a queen of Japanese crockery.

I am not sure of its status now, although I know it is still being produced.

Again an Australiana, kookaburra theme and more roses of course.

I have a carnation plate too.

The one on the top right is a more recent design and the bottom left is cute Japanese. 

I have a lot of Noritake crockery.

Plates-Practical and Pretty. You can never have too many plates. [1]

These plates are Saji design plates, Made in Japan.

They are great for serving and usually arouse interest.

The bird set is very cool!

I have gathered these over decades.  It always amazed me at markets that no-one else seemed to like them.

The one on the top right, is an Australian wildflower spray. It is interesting having Australiana items Made in Japan.
What were our producers doing at the time?

Pearl Jewellery - Fake but Lovely.

I do like pearls! I have a small Mikimoto necklace, the real thing.

At the same time, I love my fake, paste collection.

I wear these strands regularly.

White, blue, pink, fancy clasps, multi-strand, bracelets, brooches and so on ...

Bring on the garage sales, many more finds to come!

Oroton and Glomesh-Is there anything better?

This is a snapshot of my collection of this type of handbag and purse.

Gold, maroon, silver and white. There were so many colours produced.

I have a navy one too, it is very cool.

I have quite a few others in boxes. All from garage sales and markets.

I have this little set, in an old make-up bag.

There are a couple of ring-ins, you will see.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shops and Blogs to Check Out

This is my second post on vintage and retro blogs. I am mostly interested in those that deal with fashion.
These ones were referenced in the style, section the SMH recently.

Gary Pepper vintage

wild hearts vintage

Studded Rose Vintage

This one, not Australian may also be worth a look. LA Vintage

I am still to check them out fully.  A cursory glace, suggests some very interesting clothing.

Movie Posters - Memories of Great Movies

"Gone with the Wind", my all time favourite movie.

Might have to get out the "Easy Rider" one too ...

None of these are very old or worth anything, but I have had them for decades.

In a previous post, I pictured other types of movie poster prints.

Old Bottles and Lanterns

This setting is not the most attractive. 

I am still sorting my glass bottle collection and have it a bit scattered across various locations.

I have a number of clear glass bottles, milk and cream bottles in various sizes and styles.

I like those little squat storage jars also and have them with various lids, metal and heavy plastic.

In the house, I still have old soft drink bottles and a few interesting shaped old bottles with glass stoppers.

The lanterns are my husbands. We have two of the nice, black rail ones.

Metalware - Old Style Canisters

Since, we used to have cake tins like these in the 50s, I always look out for them.

I particularly like the multi-storey ones with nifty coloured labels or plastic lettering, here green, that was often used.

At the back, is an old coke scoop and we have quite a few nice buckets and metal watering cans.

Baskets and Suitcases - Nifty for Storage

I am attracted to old leather or heavy cardboard luggage. It used to be easy to come across large leather bags and suitcases with wooden struts at markets. Not so now.

We used to use a nice one with wooden struts as a coffee table. I now have 60s clothing in it.

I like to store all the smaller suitcases inside the others. In the past, I used to carry my things to school in a mid-size one of these.  They can be quite heavy.

I have a couple of old style school bags as well, no Globite, mine is Duro. Nice to store my stockings in.

These cane and wicker baskets are older style washing baskets. I also have a butcher's basket that is much heavier than these.