Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fabulous 50s and 60s

I have been busy in the "shed" looking through my boxes of clothing.

I found a tiny blue, sunray pleated skirt that I wore at the end of the 60s. 

It looks like a skirt for a 6 year old.  I cannot believe I was sooo skinny! Lucky to get it over one calf, let alone a thigh.

I have 30+ outfits from those decades. Ranging from XSSW. Some lovely flared skirt dresses.

Located some of the sunglasses I have collected too.  Yet to decide on an era for some of these.

It will be nice to put full outfits together for "glam" shots. I have a lot of shoes and accessories for matching.

Next post taster:

I also found all sorts of stuff that I made in the 70s.  My first years of teaching, interesting stuff!

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