Thursday, November 29, 2012

Retrobiz - Action stations

I am generally a bit of a "gunna" with regard to crafty activities.

I love to admire and even buy the necessary items and then well, I do a lot of thinking, talking, rearranging etc.  Do I make anything, the answer has mostly been a big, fat NO.

I am pleased to say that this time, I have actually taken the concept through to product.

My output, slim though it may be, is as follows. I have:
  • repurposed, six mostly retro tea towels into aprons.
  • sewn three fabric totes - small, medium and large
  • sewn one little girl's lacy apron ... very cute
  • tinkered with three tea shirts to make them into aprons and bags with moderate success
  • cut out three women's aprons and have yet to finish
  • laminated six Home Journal cover prints into placemats
Additionally, I have purchased 200 calico tote bags for  embellishing with fabric and an old, Home Journal cover prints.

I have nearly completed one, this project took a lot of thinking and still needs some tweaking.

[pic to follow]

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